ZEN's Virtual Facial Reflexology


Zen's Virtual Facial Reflexology - takes place via zoom or another live video media.  On completion of  consultation and forwarding some facial images, a customised facial reflexology sequence is tailored to assist with your health / skin concerns.  Our virtual sessions aims are to empower you to take your health / skin concerns into your own hands.  Assisting you with bringing your body into a state of health, re-balance and revitalising your body and mind.  During our session I take you through you're customised facial reflexology sequence, and any facial massage moves that are required, answering any question that you may have.


What is Zen's Facial Reflexology?

Combination of  Vietnam, Japanese  and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) without using needles or other invasive techniques.  The use of gentle finger pressure and non-invasive tools are used to stimulate points and zones of the face. 

How could Facial Reflexology help me?


Most people find they gain a deep sense of relaxation during the treatment and often find the treatments bring about a release of tension, improved sleep, improved mood and an increased sense of well-being. 

Facial Reflexology aims to help reduce the symptoms and effects of many common ailments (to name but a few)

  • Stress, 

  • IBS, 

  • Back pain, 

  • Arthritis, 

  • Depression, 

  • MS, 

  • Menstrual and hormonal ailments 

  • Sleep disorders. 

  • Many more health benefits.....

  • Relieve Stress & Tension

  • Combat Tech Neck | TMJ

  • Calm Anxiety | Insomnia

  • Ease Headaches & Eye Strain

  • Relieve Sinus Congestion

  • Increase Nutrient Rich Blood Flow

  • Stimulate Lymphatic Drainage

Facial reflexology treatments are very popular during pregnancy and are often used to help promote a shorter and natural labour. 

Facial Reflexology treats you holistically as a person to increase your overall well-being.  It does have rather lovely beautifying side effects, quite literally ‘lifting' the face to make your face feel and look smoother and more toned. It also encourages lymphatic drainage, stimulates the facial nerves, releasing muscle tension in the face, increases blood flow, helps to build up new skin tissue, leaving the face looking smoother, toned with a natural healthy glow. 


For more Beauty Benefits of Facial Reflexology check out Bespoke Skin Clinic, the beauty side of my business.

Beauty marks, moles, wrinkles, dimples and spots on our face reflect a potential internal imbalance and indicate present or past weaknesses. By observing tone, brightness and texture, the face is an important source of information about the general internal state of the body and is a very good indicator of our health.

Many Beauty Benefits includes, but not limited to.....

  • Diminish Eye Puffiness | Dark Circles

  • Smooth Complexion

  • Diminish blemishes, redness and skin sensitivities

  • Stimulate cell activity and production of collagen and elastin

  • Regenerate facial tissue; restore vitality

  • Minimise fine lines and soften deep wrinkles​

  • Purify tissue; free accumulation of waste

  • Brighten & Tighten

  • Sculpt + Lift

  • Renew facial contour; tone,

  • Firm and lift sagging skin

Applying Facial Cream
Woman Applying Eye Cream