Being stressed can become a way of life for some and the untold damage it is doing to your body, mentally, physically and emotionally is unhealthy.  It can manifest itself in several ways such as a poor sleep pattern, nausea, headaches and/or lethargy.

This can have detrimental affects on your overall health, potentially leading to:

  • Depression and Anxiety, 

  • Weight problems,

  • Digestive problems,

  • Heart Disease,

  • Reproductive issues,

  • Cognitive and Memory problems

  • Pain of any kind

  • Skin Conditions, such as Eczema

I offer many therapeutic solutions to alleviate stress to improve the quality of your life. 


If you are tired of living a life of poorly managed stress that is causing all sorts of health problems an initial consultation will assess your situation

so a bespoke programme of stress management can be created just for you.