Pain is a message, a call to action.  All pain is real, even though it isn’t made where it appears to be.  Pain is manufactured in the brain and sent to the affected area to get you to take action.  It is a carefully calculated message and the brain will adjust the volume to increase the pain message to be relevant to the degree of damage.  The right pain message will get you to take the right action to enable healing to start, and after an appropriate time the pain should go – even before you are fully healed.  New pain is a good idea! If we didn’t have the ability to feel pain we would cause terrible injuries to ourselves and be unaware of escalating damage.


Pain can remain long after it is no longer of any benefit.  If you have been in pain for longer than 3 months it is likely to be of no use to you.


   You have been diagnosed by a medical professional and they have prescribed or advised pain medication or pain management?

   You must want to be pain free and have no great advantage in keeping the pain.

   You are willing to cease doing whatever is causing the problem.

   You will put into practice any aftercare advice.

   After the session you will seek your medical professional’s advice on any issues regarding medication & ongoing diagnosis.


A detailed consultation will determine the programme of treatment suitable for your needs.​​