Old Pain 2 Go


                                            Does your entire life revolve around PAIN?

                                                                  Does it affect your sleep/ ability to work/ relationships/ stop you

                                                                   going on holiday or enjoying sport ?



If you are living with an old injury or a condition such as arthritis, you have had all the necessary checks with a doctor and have been told that medically there is nothing else that can be done other than taking painkillers, then your quality of life is definitely not what it should be!  


What if things could be different?

What if you could let go of that old pain and regain control of your life?


OldPain2Go works on eliminating Old Pain Messages that are no longer appropriate, this includes: 

  • Arthritis,

  • Surgical,

  • Accident damage,

  • Ongoing degenerative disorders,

  • Sciatica,

  • Trapped nerves,

  • Migraines,

  • Headaches,

  • Neck,

  • Shoulders,

  • IBS,

  • Crohns,

  • Allergies,

  • Fibromyalgia, ME, CFS, 

  • Pain in the back, leg, hip, arm, wrist, hands, ankles & feet.

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